Adventurous Foam

‘Cuban Wave Riders’ Outtakes, part 1: Victor

“All my life I’ve been in the water. My father put me in the water when I was one week old, just seven or eight days. My grandmother and my mother fought with him. He put me underwater, because he’s a scuba diver and maybe he thinks that if you put the baby really small, in the water, then maybe it will be a great scuba diver, great surfer, or something like that. It’s not right, I could drown…ha ha.

I’m waiting for the perfect moment to teach my son. I don’t want him to get afraid or scared about anything in the water. My father screamed to me sometimes, or ‘do this, do that’ and I don’t ever forget that and I don’t want that to happen with Lucas, so…this is the best thing ever. I want to show you how to do it if you would like (surfing), but if you don’t…you can just go play baseball or any thing but you have to try surfing you know?” - Victor Perez

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